Kenneth Norum was born in a small town, he lives in a small town
and he’ll probably die in a small to

80 kilometers north of Oslo, the capitol of Norway lays Kenneth’s hometown Skogbygda. A town populated by mostly commuters and farmers. Raised in working-class community, Kenneth brought these values with him in his music.

Kenneth picked up the guitar at the age of fourteen and fell in love with the music of Springsteen and Dire Straits among others. He played in several bands during his teens, playing mostly hard rock and punk. But he always kept his love for the great songwriters up his sleeve.

His Grandfather Trond Norum a carpenter, was one of Kenneth’s earliest role models and he would often spend many hours just hanging out with him in his old woodshed. -I guess that’s why I’m stuck with the acoustic guitar. For the love of it’s complex and beautiful construction and it’s rich, warm and natural sound. It’s like a tribute to my grandfather somehow. It just couldn’t be any other way. He was a man of the old school. Rock solid.

At the age of seventeen Kenneth started working on songs that were similar to the direction he’s still heading in today. Some will call it American singer-songwriter, some will call it Heartland and some will call it americana. -As long as the hair on my arms stands up when I hear it, it doesn’t matter what it is. Kenneth released his first songs under his own name in the summer of 2015. His younger brother Daniel has grown up to be a great bass player, the perfect accompaniment to Kenneth’s style, and sound. Kenneth’s bonds to his family and friends are among the most important things to him and being able to share the stage with his brother and some of his childhood friends is something he worships deeply.

2016 was a magnificent year for Kenneth. He released three singles who will become part of his upcoming album. The first «Hearts Ain’t Bound for Glory» did well on NRK P3 Urørt’s list of most popular songs and brought out his music to a larger audience. Kenneth was suddenly an up and coming artist in his home country. Kenneth took his music out on the road and warmed up for artists such as Malcolm Holcombe, Kristian Kristensen, Casa Murilo, Gill Landry (Old Crow Medicine Show) and Hannah Aldridge.