Official Kenneth Norum Merchandise

“Heart on a Sleeve” t-shirt

Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and 4XL.
Remember to choose your size when you order.

Price: kr 189,-

Shipping is included

“Heart on a Sleeve” debut album

Get your “Heart on a Sleeve” album today
while it is in stock.

Price: kr 189,-

Shipping is included

“Heart on a Sleeve” bundle

In this bundle you will get both t-shirt,
cd and a signed poster!

Price: kr 339,-

Shipping is included

How to order

To order your merchandise, please download the Vipps app on your phone. Fill in the price of the product you want to buy, as well as your adresse in the message-field.

If you are buying a t-shirt, please remember to tell us what size you want. 

Send the payment to Kenneth Norum Music with the phone number 93 40 45 70